The 10 Best Maternity Underwear Brands

With as many joys as maternity brings, any mom or new mom-to-be knows that it has its challenges too. Whether it be temporarily growing out of your favorite jeans or pausing on wearing high heels, anything that can bring additional comfort or ease is much appreciated. This is particularly true for underwear, an item not likely to have been given much thought before but is now a serious source of consideration once your belly is growing. 

As your belly grows along with you, wearing your old lingerie becomes increasingly difficult (though you’ll be back in it soon enough!). In the meantime, you might find yourself looking for maternity underwear that will support your ever-changing needs throughout pregnancy. Instead of simply sizing up on your previously-favored brands, consider swapping to brands specifically designed for mothers-to-be. 

The best underwear for pregnancy tends to be stretchier, produced from light materials such as cotton, and have a full cut to support your baby bump. That being said, the decision to be made is whether you prefer low-rise under-the-bump undies or full-rise over-the-bump cuts. While the former is often less bulky and better for your jeans and workout attire, the latter provides significant support and comfort as you approach the latter days of your pregnancy. 

We’ve rounded up the best maternity underwear brands in full and low-rise options, with thongs, briefs, and everything in between. Scroll down for the comfortable pregnancy of your dreams.