The 10 Best Jeans for Tall Women, From Tall Women

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is certainly no easy shopping feat. It takes a lot of trial and error to find a style that checks off all the boxes (versatile wash, a good, flattering fit, and a wallet-friendly price tag are just a few of the most important criterion). But there’s another important detail to look out for, especially when browsing the jean section of your favorite online retailer: length.

Both petite and tall frames require different inseams, and while tailoring is always an option, what’s better than finding a near-perfect fit in-store? We already scoured the internet to find all the best denim styles for petite women, so we decided to hone in on the best jeans for tall women this time around. And to dig up 10 top picks, we turned to the reviews section on one of our go-to retailers: Nordstrom.

Our findings? Well, you’ll just have to see below. Ahead, the best jeans for tall women, from tall women.