The 10 Best Beauty Bloggers of All Time

In 2019, the word “blog” encompasses so many different modes of content creation. From traditional blog websites to YouTube vloggers-turned-wordsmiths and now Insta-blogs that utilize Instagram photo captions to share long-winded thoughts, there are more opportunities than ever to tap experts and aficionados for their makeup, hair, and skincare rituals and reviews.

As beauty editors, we’re well aware of the importance of the contribution these creators make to the beauty industry. Like us, they spend their time testing products, asking questions, and democratizing beauty to feel a little more accessible to everyone. This year, we noticed 10 content architects really upping their game, so we’re calling them out for you to hopefully find even more resources to scratch your beauty itch. (Well, only after you visit us at Who What What, of course.)

Ahead, the 10 beauty bloggers who have our attention right now.