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We are back with the Florida teen who says the apple watch saved her life alerting her to a serious condition. ABC’s Diane Macedo is here with more on this story. Good morning. Good morning to you. This 18-year-old was just sitting in church when an apple watch alert said her heart rate was skyrocketing. She was unknowingly having a serious medical emergency and without it she may not have lived to tell about it. As a cheerlanding and gymnastics champion, Deanna recktenwald seemed like the picture of health until an urgent alert warning her resting heart rate hit a whopping 190 beats per minute. The only symptom that I had was that I was out of breath from walking and standing and sitting so it kind of didn’t make much sense. Reporter: Her mother Stacey a registered nurse checked her pus, found the watch was spot on and rushed her to the er. A blood test revealed she was in kidney failure with both her kidneys functioning at below 30%, doctors diagnosed her with chronic kidney disease. I was shocked because she — if you look at her even today she’s perfectly healthy looking. Reporter: The apple watch heart rate app was introduced last fall and tracks their heart rate and rhythm alerting them of any irregularities. The fact that the apple watch led her to seek immediate pedicle attention before dialysis or a kidney transplant was needed could save her life. Now back at home they are so grateful they wrote a letter to apple’s tae Tim cook. I honestly feel your apple watch has saved my daughter’s life. The tech titan responded in a private e-mail and brights on Twitter stories like Deanna’s inspire us to dream bigger and push harder every day. They don’t replace your doctor but not the first time a wearable device saved their life and now claim to detect heart disease, even diabetes and sleep apnea. Really incredible. Doctors could be monitoring this and using this to change the way they do health square. Looking forward they say this could help improve the health care community both in lowering costs and amount of time you need to spend at the doctor’s. They already have all this data. Even trying to predict or prevent diseases either they can do it on a large scale or being able to tell you your kid will be sick tomorrow. It keeps track of everything so you can see your history. That is now helping more and more to predict — My kids always know when they’re going to be sick the

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