TalkTalk and Vodafone top complaints chart again

TalkTalk has again been named the most complained-about broadband company in the UK, in the latest report from the telecoms regulator Ofcom.

For every 100,000 TalkTalk customers, about 31 made a complaint to Ofcom about the company’s broadband services between October and December 2017.

Technical faults were the main reason for complaints, according to the report.

BT and Vodafone were the most complained-about mobile operators.

Vodafone was also the most complained-about mobile operator in the previous Ofcom report, published in January.

The figures reflect customers who were so unhappy with their service provider and any solutions they offered that they complained to the regulator.

BT came out worst for pay-TV services.

When TalkTalk topped the broadband complaints list in January, it said it had closed customer service centres in India and was delivering a “material improvement in customer satisfaction”.

However, the latest Ofcom report shows that the number of complaints about TalkTalk’s broadband has increased.

The company also attracted the most complaints for its landline telephone service.

“We always strive to provide the best possible experience, and are disappointed by these results,” the company said in a statement.

It again indicated that the “closure of our contact centre in India” was to blame for the poor figures, as it had “caused some temporary disruption for customers”.

Broadband complaints taken to Ofcom

Most complaints

  • TalkTalk – 31 per 100,000 customers
  • BT – 27 per 100,000 customers
  • Plusnet – 27 per 100,000 customers

Fewest complaints

  • Virgin Media – 14 per 100,000 customers
  • EE – 12 per 100,000 customers
  • Sky – 7 per 100,000 customers

October-December 2017, source: Ofcom

Mobile complaints taken to Ofcom

Most complaints

  • BT – 11 per 100,000 customers
  • Vodafone – 11 per 100,000 customers
  • Virgin Mobile – 10 per 100,000 customers
  • Talk Talk – seven per 100,000 customers

Fewest complaints

  • EE – three per 100,000 customers
  • Three – three per 100,000 customers
  • O2 – three per 100,000 customers
  • Tesco Mobile – 1 per 100,000 customers

October-December 2017, source: Ofcom