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Now to that massive merger that could affect your cell phone plan. T-Mobile and sprint finally striking a deal after years of negotiations. The move would leave consumers with just three major cell phone providers. You know our chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis is all over this. The companies say they will lower prices. This is a bit of a surprise, robin. I spoke to the CEOs of both T-Mobile and sprint and tell me this will mean lower prices and broader options. Unlike most mergers they will sake the savings and give them back to consumers and from day one, lower prices. They also say that they’ll build out 5g nationwide over the next year and that will add thousands of jobs, plus, they plan to introduce a broadband competitor in rural communities which currently have just one option. Now, this merger as you mentioned, robin, will consolidate the playing field of major carriers from four to three. Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile and fewer options typically means higher prices but they’re making the argument here that T-Mobile and sprint have been the lowest priced options for years and have really pushed the rest of the industry to offer consumers more options and they say they’ll continue to do so, of course, they’re going to need that regulatory approval to get the deal done, robin. Could we get that in writing? Yes, exactly. But you did hear it here on “Gma.” If they go against their word on “Gma” that’s a problem. You got is, Rebecca. Now to the latest on that

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