T.I.’s Daughter Has Been Liking Tweets Critical Of Her Dad’s Hymen Remarks

“I think that most kids, man, in hindsight, looking back, they always thank their parents for not allowing them to damage themselves as much as they could have,” T.I. said in an effort to explain that he does this to protect his daughter. 

“This is the thing. Deyjah’s 18, just graduated high school now and she’s attending her first year of college, figuring it out for herself,” he went on. “And yes, not only have we had the [sex] conversation, we have yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen.”

The rapper later added that as of his daughter’s 18th birthday, “her hymen is still intact.”

In response to the revelations, the hosts joked that someone should “check on Deyjah, she’s a prisoner!” Mandi and Moham later apologized for how they handled the conversation.

Meanwhile, people on social media were dismayed to hear T.I.’s remarks, with many accusing him of violating his daughter’s privacy and some calling his behavior sexist and abusive.

Many people also questioned the rapper’s logic, pointing out that someone can have an intact hymen and still be sexually active, and someone can have a broken hymen despite never having had sex. Planned Parenthood issued a series of tweets saying that virginity is a social construct, and noting some of the other ways a hymen can be stretched or broken.