Stylish Airport Outfit Ideas to Wear in 2019

With regular events and appearances across the globe, celebrities log plenty of frequent flyer miles, so it’s no surprise that they are all masters of dressing for the airport. So, what are some style takeaways we can learn from celebrities? And how can these lessons teach us to dress for the airport better in 2019?

Looking to recent celeb airport outfits, there’s one major style lesson they all follow. Celebrities prioritize comfort when traveling, but they never sacrifice style. Their looks revolve around cozy pieces they can wear for long flights. That means everything from loose-fitting jeans paired with cashmere sweaters as we spotted on Bella Hadid to a matching knit set like Kendall Jenner recently wore. But also, a simple pairing of jeans and a tee with sneakers like we saw on Margot Robbie, or skinnies with a blazer and ankle boots like Meghan Markle recently wore. We’ll continue to see iterations of all of these airport outfit formulas long into 2019.

What, then, is the one piece all celebrities skip? Uncomfortable shoes. Yes, feel free to leave the heels packed into your suitcase and instead opt for comfy sneakers or ankle boots at the airport. Ahead, see my predictions for ways everyone will dress for the airport in 2019 and shop pieces inspired by the looks.