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The surge back here at home. The Dow closing at 22,878, up more than 1,000 points. The highest one-day point gain in history. Tonight, bouncing back in a historic way. ABC’s Rebecca Jarvis standing by at the New York stock exchange. Rebecca, you told us earlier in the week we’d probably see a market jump after Christmas. Reporter: Yeah, that’s right, Tom. It was the biggest selloff ever on Christmas eve day, followed today by the biggest point increase ever, with the Dow up more than 1,000 points today. So, what’s changed? Well, fundamentally, not a lot. We did get some very positive data today on the consumer, showing that our holiday spending was up at the best level in six years. Mastercard says we spent $850 billion over the holidays. Now, if you look back at the year, what’s happened to that nest egg? Well, it’s still down about 8% so far this year. But I talked to a lot of traders here tonight, and they tell me, Tom, that one thing is certain ated — more volatility. Tom? Rebecca, thank you.

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