Stephen Colbert Unveils His Bold New Look After Makeover

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert looked in the mirror Tuesday and didn’t like what he saw. (Watch the clip above.)

So the comedian gave himself a makeover in a new at-home video while his show is suspended during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nothing wrong with a little self-improvement, right? Colbert raided his wife’s makeup kit and went to work.

The result was superheroic.

“Tony Stark,” Colbert said in re-introducing himself. “What seems to be the problem? Viruses? Is everybody staying at home? That’s step number one. Don’t go out. It’s not just for yourself. It’s for your loved ones.”

Stark, er, Colbert then shared his plan for using tiny robots but he lost us there.

Maybe it’s brilliant? Decide for yourself.

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