Staff gave patients Benadryl to make them fall asleep, cr

A nurse at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch is claiming that some members of the hospital staff inappropriately gave Benadryl to psychiatric patients to get them to sleep or calm down.

Patricia Moran has now filed a lawsuit in Monmouth Superior Court. She claims that some overnight nurses issued Benadryl and then did not make note of it, a practice that is required.

Moran says that a supervisor retaliated against her after she reported the practice, leading to her getting suspended.

“This is a very experienced nurse who knows her way around the hospital, who knows what’s right and wrong,” says attorney Matthew Luber. “She knows the policies and procedures inside and out and she did the right thing by reporting this. Under no circumstances should she have been punished for doing so.”

Moran has 31 years of experience as a nurse. She is seeking unspecified monetary judgment.

News 12 New Jersey reached out to Monmouth Medical Center for comment, but did not hear back.