Small home updates you can make right now that will boost your health and happiness

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Any interior designer will tell you that the space in which we sit, gather and relax directly affects our overall mood. It’s why we place importance on “ambiance” when trying to figure out which restaurant to eat at for dinner, and it’s precisely why many make a concerted effort to design a beautiful home.

“I view my home, as well as my clients’ homes, as very sacred spaces. They are sanctuaries from the chaotic world that should serve as a restorative place for us to recharge ourselves,” says Jeffrey Phillip, a NYC-based interior designer and organizer. “In the non-stop world we live in of never-ending to-do lists, activities and work, it’s important to make the space comfortable, clean, and stress-free so that we are able to enjoy our time there.”

Marie Kondo, a world-recognized tidying expert and founder of the KonMari Method of organization, agrees wholeheartedly with Phillip. She adds that this investment in your space can even pay off in ways some may not wholly appreciate.

“Many of my clients gained confidence through tidying their homes and started making better choices in their careers and relationships. As a result, their lives — and not just their homes — became more joyful,” she told NBC News BETTER via a translator. “Additionally, when you expend time and energy taking care of your possessions and your home, you develop an understanding that your belongings are supporting your life and your home becomes peaceful.”

5 Small Changes That Make a Big Impact on Your Wellbeing

Creating a space that fosters calmness, a boosted mood, and a sense of pride doesn’t require massive changes or a large budget. Here are some small, intentional ways to update your home right now that will have a big payoff: