Shrill’s Costume Designer Talks about Styling Aidy Bryant

If Aidy Bryant isn’t already on your list of people you want to be when you grow up, please put down your device and spend the next several days catching up on her best Saturday Night Live sketches (she’s been on the show since 2012).

Great! Now that you understand the comedic wonder that is Aidy Bryant, log into Hulu and devour her new six-episode series, Shrill.

We’ll wait…

Isn’t Shrill one of the best shows you’ve seen in years? We agree—wholeheartedly. Not only is it smart, funny, and provocative, but it also features some of the most buzzed-about outfits and accessories on TV since Sex and the City was in its heyday. So, of course, we asked the show’s costume designer, Amanda Needham, to do a Q&A via Instagram Stories with Who What Wear’s shopping-savvy fans. Below you’ll find pearls of wisdom from Amanda, plus a few of the must-have items you can actually buy from Amanda and Aidy’s favorite size-inclusive retailers.