Shop the Shell Fashion Trend

Which brings us to today. As we approach the spring season, and spring fashion has finally gotten into full swing—with collections almost done hitting in stores—I pose the question: Have we reached peak shell? If this sounds a little out of left field, let me explain.

The souvenir-inspired trend has gone well beyond a niche jewelry adornment loved by influencers and fashion insiders to a full-blown mega-craze. They don’t just appear on jewelry anymore but have now expanded to bags, shoes, hair accessories, clothing, and more. It’s not just under-the-radar indie brands selling them; it’s everyone from Altuzarra and Alexander McQueen to Zara and Mango. The trend includes real-life shells, shell prints, and shell embroidery. 

Where I’m going with all of this is if you’re thinking of hopping on the bandwagon, the time is now. To see some shell pieces I’m loving right now (all 27 of them), just keep scrolling.