Shop the New Converse Chuck Knit Sneakers

The sneaker brand you’ve known and loved for as long as you can remember just released some brand-new sneakers we think you’re going to love. Just today, Converse introduced us to its latest experiment, the Chuck Knit. At first glance, this style looks like a good old-fashioned Chuck, but when you take a closer look, you start seeing all the fun new additions this roll-out has, including the knit material, removable laces, and our favorite feature: the ability to slip them on and off.

The Chuck Knit slips on easily and can be worn as is,” the brand told us. “The tactile cotton upper also creates the opportunity for the Chuck Knit to be laced, however you want, wherever you want, to reflect the wearer’s personal style on any particular day. Just poke the lace through a loop on the proprietary Converse knit structure, and you’ll see what we mean.”

When we hear personalization and slip-on, we instantly think perfect airport shoes. Lacing and unlacing a pair of Converse at the airport is not the most fun activity in the world, no matter how much you love the style, and that’s a fact. But a slip-on version of the timeless sneakers is something we can definitely get behind.

Converse also told us a little bit about the making of the knit you see on the sneakers. “Applying a circular knit process, which is most known for maximizing comfort and performance in sport apparel and footwear, to the canvas (cotton) upper of the Chuck created something new, both texturally and stylistically. This process also reduces overall material usage, using only what’s needed to make the upper (versus traditional cutting processes). The leather all-star emblem, toe bumper, vulcanized rubber sole and license plate on the heel are the same Chuck features you’ve known for decades,” said the brand.

In other words, if a change is not something you go searching for, these new Chucks are here to meet you in the middle with sneakers that are both familiar, fresh, and extremely versatile. Shop the new footwear style below.