Shop the Affordable Petite Capsule Wardrobe From Target

So you probably clicked into this story because you yourself clock in at roughly 5’2″ or under—aka the height range we all refer to lovingly as petite. Short of physically adding any more inches to your frame, there are a few shopping tips and styling tricks we have up our sleeves to help you add some visual height. To be clear, throwing out the rule book and wearing whatever you please is always advised, but I have a feeling you’re here to glean some styling wisdom today that will help you shop smarter and dress better.

Great, now that we’re all aligned in our shopping agendas, let’s get down to it. Below, I’ve laid out five guidelines that are crucial to building a petite-friendly capsule wardrobe—everything from which pant style to stock up on to the clothing detail you should never pass up. The best part? All the pieces you need to build an affordable petite capsule wardrobe are sitting right in our very own Who What Wear collection at Target. We’re talking crazy-affordable pieces (ahem, under $50) offered in a range of sizes, from XS to 4X.

Ready to skip all those trips to the tailor and shop the capsule wardrobe made for petite frames? Keep reading to discover each key item, and shop the pieces from our collection at Target.