Shop the 21 Most Stylish Swimsuits

I won’t even pretend like this type of behavior from myself is anomalous. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been more interested in buying what is un-seasonal than those pieces that I could be wearing in the moment. Think coats and boots in the summer and (much like today) swimsuits and sundresses in winter. It doesn’t help that I work on a weekly new arrivals roundup, where, thanks to the fashion calendar, I’m usually exposed to next season’s pieces just as we’re settling into the current one.

Nonetheless, since I simply can’t get swimsuits off my mind—despite the fact that as I write this, on Friday, February 1, at 12:26 PM in NYC it is literally 17 degrees outside and I had to wear five layers to make it to work—I decided to do a roundup. After all, it’s sunny somewhere and a tropical vacation is never completely off the table. If you agree, just keep scrolling to shop the coolest new swimsuits I’m obsessing over right now.