Shop Cheap Fall Pieces from Our What Wear Collection

What’s better than landing on the perfect piece to complete (or kickstart) your next season’s wardrobe? I would say it’s finding one that’s both delightfully cheap and expensive looking. Whether it be a casual dress, non-basic t-shirt, or easy skirt that just happens to come with the perfect, matching top, there’s nothing like a great affordable find that you didn’t even have to wait until sale season for, am I right?

And, as you probably have guessed by now, today I’ve rounded up twenty fall-ready pieces that deliver all of the above and more. Before you get to praising me, you should know that thanks to the latest drop of our Who What Wear collection for Target, it wasn’t even that hard to do. All it took was a quick peruse through the new arrivals section—something I’m a big fan of doing, anyways—and a little editing from there. If you’ve heard enough and are ready to get to shopping, just keep scrolling and when you’re done, why not brush up on the most important fall sweater trends worth knowing before the season officially starts.