Shop 40 Under-$100 Fashion Items in My Cart

Summer may have only just begun, but as I’ve learned in year’s past, it can be over before you know it. One minute you’re enjoying iced coffee through a (reusable) straw, the next you’re carefully sipping a hot latte making sure not to burn your tongue. That’s why I’m not waiting another minute to not only fully prep my wardrobe for the season at hand, but to start wearing all of those cute warm-weather outfits I’ve dreamt of for the last eight or so months.

Sundresses, shorts, swimsuits, sandals, and more are at the forefront of my many shopping carts and, lucky for all of us, so much of what I’m loving right now is actually on the more affordable side. On that note, I decided to share all the under-$100 finds I’m feeling for the season at hand in case you’re looking to finalize your summer wardrobe, too. To get started shopping, simply keep scrolling.