Shop 4 Earring Trends for 2019

If you’re looking to up your jewelry game this season but really want to make it count, today I got you. You’re not here for a dainty little ring no one will notice, nor do you need a pendant necklace that spends half its time covered under your tops. You want something that’s on trend, makes a statement, and even gets you a few compliments. You want cool earrings (or, as you’re about to see, a combination of them) that will do more for your look than just blend in. I know this because you’re reading this story, and lucky for you, I’ve got just the things.

From fun flowers to classic pearls with a twist, these are four non-basic earring trends for spring that check all the boxes mentioned above and more. Not to mention, they can be yours at any price point imaginable. To see what they are and, of course, shop my picks for each one, just keep scrolling,