Shop 36 of the Coolest Fashion Finds for September

Are you ready for what I will unabashedly and biasedly call the coolest roundup of the month?! Sure, all our shopping stories are worthy of a read, but most of the time they come with their fair share of constraints. Think a specific category, such as handbags, or an inherent parameter like fall staples or under-$100 finds. We all need those roundups and definitely get good use out of them, but today I get to run wild and literally share any item I want and have deemed worthy of the adjective cool. And, in case you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited about it. 

From boots and bags to statement sweaters and party dresses, there’s a lot to love below—at every price point, too. Are you ready to see what I’ve been waiting all month to show you guys? Just keep scrolling.