Shop 30 of the Coolest Fashion Finds for August

“I shop for a living” is kind of a funny thing to type out, but it’s true! Just today, I’ve spent probably five hours so far looking for the best products to include in articles just like the one you’re reading now. However, this one is special, because unlike other roundups where I’m focusing on specific items and categories such as fall boots or street style–approved finds, this story lets me include whatever I want.

Of course, I would never dare to disappoint you, so I can assure you that the 30 items you’re about to see below are, in fact, very cool. From statement shoes to going-out tops to animal-print outerwear, I’m pretty over the moon about this month’s picks and have actually ordered a couple already for myself. To see everything that made the cut and do some shopping along the way, just keep scrolling.