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Thanks. No to that Facebook scandal. Overnight chief opering officer Sheryl Sandberg admitting the company made a mistake and als suggesting users D need to pay top Facebook fromlecting and using their data to sell ads. Rebecca Jarvis is here with Mo good morning, Rebecca. Hey, michae good morning. This idea of paying for Facebook purely hypothetical. It’s very unlikely that it would happen but Sheryl Sandberg, the coo, was making the point Facebook is free service and the reason they don’t charge uss a subscription F is because they make mff of collecting all that information and selling ads on the platform thatan perfectly target you and your insts. Many Sandberg sayhe and others at fook were too idealistic and let bad actors in. You could look at the public profile data O all users saying this — In this case we had fre that enabled you to findour friends. You could find your friends by their name O their e-mail or their phone number. That was a G use really important to a L of people. People who should not have scraped that data and made a directory of it but what matters here is that all of the nation they received already public. They did not score a private data it was information people had already listed on Facebook publicly. Now, that doesn’t make okay. And she said this is a arms race. Avenue shown this issue, mil, but there will contue to be issues that crop up. They’re trying to stay ahead of One of the major questions what role Facebook pd in the president election. It’s interesting. Shyl Sandberg said that she’s not . Facebook isn’t sure what role the platform played in the election. But that they every single candidate, every Polian was using the platform. Absolutely. To theadvantage. Yes, deed. Thank you so much.

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