Seth Meyers Imagines How Donald Trump Used ‘Secret’ Chinese Bank Account

Seth Meyers followed the money Wednesday after The New York Times exposed details of a bank account that President Donald Trump held in China following years of business pursuits there. (Watch the “Closer Look” segment below.)

The revelation appeared to undermine Trump’s smear campaign against Democratic nominee Joe Biden over unsubstantiated claims of influence-peddling while his son, Hunter Biden, did business in China.

During Wednesday’s episode of “Late Night,” Meyers said Trump was “not exactly a political mastermind.”

“He basically tried to make his whole campaign about Joe Biden’s record on China, and then it turned out Trump is the one who has a secret bank account in China,” the comedian said. “Knowing Trump, there’s a good chance he would have just blurted it out anyway.”

Meyers offered his cheeky scenario of where Trump’s slip could have happened — at a Las Vegas church last weekend, when he ceremoniously dropped $20 bills into a collection bucket.

“‘Mr. President do you need some cash for the church service?’” Meyers envisioned an aide asking.

The host then played Trump and replied, “‘Yeah, just take it out of the secret Chinese bank account!’”