Seth Meyers Dissects ‘One Of The Weirdest Aspects’ Of Trump’s Presidency

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers took his magnifying glass to Donald Trump’s demands for an investigation into last week’s anonymous New York Times op-ed, which questioned his mental fitness, and the president’s criticism of Bob Woodward’s new book about the chaos in the White House.

“One of the weirdest aspects of having Donald Trump as president is the fact that every few months or so people working at the highest levels of government have to put down everything they’re doing and hunt for the anonymous mole who just called the president a brain-dead moron,” Meyers said in his “Closer Look” segment.

“Same thing over and over. Someone calls the president an idiot. Or they call him a fifth-grader. Or they leak a transcript of him telling the president of Mexico he wants a piñata for his birthday. And then serious government officials and four-star generals have to issue so many denials they start to sound like Shaggy.” (“It wasn’t me.”)

Meyers also scoffed at suggestions that people in the Trump administration take polygraph tests to determine who is behind the insider information in Woodward’s book Fear: Trump in the White House.

“Bringing a lie-detector test inside this White House is like bringing a Geiger counter to Chernobyl,” Meyers said.

Check out the video above.