Seth Meyers Completely Destroys One Of Trump’s Biggest Myths

President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that under his leadership the country has been “winning so much” that there’s a danger Americans will become “tired of winning,” Seth Meyers reminded his “Late Night” viewers on Tuesday.

First, Meyers questioned whether it’s possible to become tired of winning. “I’ve never heard of a New England Patriots fan burning his Tom Brady jersey and moving to Cleveland,” Meyers said.

Then Meyers dug into how Trump’s claims of winning applied to coal miners in West Virginia.

“Trump says he’s ended the war on coal and coal miners will be working their asses off,” Meyers said. “But based on the actual facts, it sounds like their asses are still firmly on.”

Meyers cited a CNN report that indicated more coal plants had closed in the first two years of the Trump administration than in the first four years of the Obama administration.

And because of competition from cleaner, cheaper forms of energy, an additional 20 coal plants are expected to close this year.

Meyers said the president’s base, known as “Trump Country,” might be more accurately called “Chump Country.”

Check out the video above.