Sephora’s Beauty Director Shares 15 of Her Favorite Products

It’s not exactly like we need help when it comes to shopping for beauty products at Sephora. The retailer carries (and continues to debut!) many of the most in-demand skincare, hair, fragrance, and makeup brands in the business, and said brands consistently launch fresh, new beauty treasures we keenly add to the top of our never-ending wishlist. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t curious to know which products the beauty goddesses over at Sephora HQ (who know about exciting brands and launches long before we mortals do) are currently loving.

I’m pretty much obsessed with finding out the beauty routines and product musts of people I admire within the industry, so I reached out to Sephora Beauty Director Myiesha Sewell to see what’s currently on her radar. Sure, she might have insider access to thousands of Sephora’s best-selling beauty staples, but below, she’s sharing the select 15 she’s most excited about right now. Keep scrolling!