See the New Clash de Cartier Collection

When you think of Cartier and its multitude of products with a cult following, chances are you think of the brand’s iconic Love Bracelet or its new Guirlande de Cartier handbag (which is already beloved by influencers everywhere). Now, you’ll also think of Clash de Cartier, the brand’s latest jewelry collection that’s all about duality, contradictions, and, if we’re getting granular, alter egos. To further illustrate how opposites attract within the collection, Cartier hosted influencers and editors (including myself) to a luxurious trip to Paris where everything from caviar served with french fries to a Parisian Ghetto Gastro was tastefully planned as we experienced the beauty of Clash de Cartier firsthand.

Between all of the caviar eating and gala attending, I somehow managed to find time to interview the new face of the Clash de Cartier campaign, actress Kaya Scodelario. We chatted about why she resonates so closely to the collection’s messaging, her romantic story on her very first Cartier piece, and in true Who What Wear fashion, how she would style the pieces. It was after chatting with her about the new collection’s versatility that I thought to myself, Wow, this new Cartier jewelry is going to blow up.

Fast-forward to the days immediately following the trip, and I found myself unable to scroll through Instagram without seeing at least an IG story or static post of an influencer gushing about Clash de Cartier. Whether it was the rings, the hoops, or the more statement-making coral pieces, some of the biggest sartorial icons in the game proved that you can style this fine jewelry collection any which way you please. When it comes to anything that requires a bit of an investment, that’s something worth valuing over all else.

Ahead, read my full interview with Kaya Scodelario, shop the Clash de Cartier collection, and see a handful of ways fashion girls are styling the collection right now.