See the Louis Vuitton Cruise 20 Runway Show

As someone who travels a lot, I’m not usually excited for an afternoon drive to JFK Airport in the heart of NYC’s rush hour, but yesterday was different. I was dressed up (a rare weekday departure from my jeans-and-tee uniform); in a comfortable sprinter van, Petite Malle in hand; and on my way to my first-ever Louis Vuitton runway show (Cruise 20). Around 6:40 p.m., I arrived at the TWA Flight Center, which, in its own right, is an architectural and aesthetic wonder, feeling like I somehow just found myself in an episode of my favorite childhood cartoon, The Jetsons—but better.

It was like being transported into the future, only an exceptionally stylish one in which Sansa Stark—I mean Sophie Turner—can walk by you at any moment, all of Hollywood’s most powerful stylists (including Karla Welch and Kate Young) are in one room, champagne is flowing, and everyone gets a front-row seat. Being from Beverly Hills originally and now living in New York, I’d also like to point out that celebrity sightings are somewhat the norm to me, but there’s just something about brushing shoulders with the likes of Cate Blanchett, Alicia Vikander, and Laura Harrier that you can never truly get used to.

I digress. As a 26-year-old digital fashion editor (seemingly among the youngest there), I thought it was fitting that this would be my first Louis Vuitton show, in which Nicolas Ghesquière used air travel and a sense of departure to build on the house’s core foundations of journey and discovery. Every aspect of the day and show was a reminder of just how small the world has become thanks to not only the accessibility of travel but technology, too. With more languages being spoken than I could keep track of, the international crowd meshed together so seamlessly one could easily forget that a large portion of these guests were flown in from various parts of the world—all with a common interest that was just about to commence: the show.

Oh, the show. Eighties glamour and bubble skirts somehow paired perfectly with futuristic accessories (including the brand’s first digital bag) and edgy finishes. A look could have leather gloves, silver zippers, and combat boots but also crystals, a short hemline, and even the occasional embroidered cityscape, but somehow it all worked. Simply continue on to read more about and see some of the show’s top looks.