See Jennifer Lopez’s Best Throwback Outfits

Is it just us, or is Jennifer Lopez aging in reverse? Over two decades into her career, the remarkably fit singer and actress continues to steal the spotlight on basically every red carpet she sets foot on. Lopez is so timeless, in fact, that we bet you’ll have a hard time guessing what year these photos were taken. Ready to get put to the test? 

When it comes to J.Lo outfits, there are a few things we can count on: Her signature low-cut necklines, forward-thinking trends, over-the-knee boots, and off-duty leggings come to mind. But her outfits have also been amazingly diverse over the years—she can easily switch from a prim-and-proper skirt suit to a slinky, figure-hugging gown. Scroll down to see if you can identify what year these photos were taken in (the answers are written underneath each image).