See How I Style My Winter Thrift Store Finds

Welcome to Goodwill Hunting (like the movie, except not at all), a series in which our assistant editor Anna LaPlaca takes you through all the fashion finds she’s unearthed from secondhand stores. Whether she’s scouring her local Goodwill or flipping through racks of curated vintage, she never fails to find pre-loved items with a lot of potential to look brand new again.

Greetings, fellow thrifters! If you’re not familiar with the Goodwill Hunting concept, here’s the rundown: I thrift-shop like it’s my job, and in the process, I’ve uncovered some pretty savvy and accidentally on-trend finds. (See the square-toe boots below.) Here’s where I share all my best thrift store finds of the moment and show you how I’m incorporating each of them into my regular outfit rotation.

Why do I thrift, you ask? These days, a certain vintage aesthetic is trending, which means it’s not hard to create a really cool outfit with clothing that has lived a previous life. It also means that if you know which nostalgic trends are coming back around, as you probably do being a Who What Wear reader, you’ll be able to find the authentic versions of the ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s trends that all the new brands are currently selling.

That said, I’m sharing my most recent winter thrift store finds with you below. From a pair of checkered trousers that go with everything to a boxy blazer I transformed by taking it to the tailor, keep reading to see how I’ve styled each piece and then shop all the other pieces I wore with them.