See and Shop Our Editor’s Favorite Black Western Ankle Boots

It’s true. I legitimately own five pairs of black Western ankle boots—and have absolutely no regrets. Even before the Western trend reached its peak, well, trendiness, this season, I was a longtime fan of the shoe style as it’s come and gone throughout the years. That’s why, with much satisfaction, I can still wear a pair I bought three years ago and love them as much as some of my newer ones. Can’t say that about many things, can you?

Not only that, but in terms of day-to-day dressing, black Western ankle boots are as easy to style as their more basic counterparts, but do a lot more for an otherwise simple outfit. Last, but certainly not least, with so many brands and retailers on board with them, there are countless options both in terms of style and price point. So, if you’re still unsure how you feel about the style, let me further convince you by simply scrolling.