Second Life Podcast: Who What Wear CEO Katherine Power

If you’re a fan of Who What Wear, you’re in for a treat with this week’s episode of Second Life, as Hillary Kerr sat down with her fellow co-founder Katherine Power. The two began Who What Wear together back in 2006, but Power’s career leading up to becoming our CEO was anything but predictable.

For starters, Power took a proficiency exam and left high school at the age of 16 to move to L.A. on her own and become a professional dancer (she explains how she was legally able to work as an adult in the episode). After landing a job dancing in Austin Powers (yes, seriously), Power started working full-time for a film producer at the ripe old age of 17. Her next big career leap brought her to the nightlife industry before she eventually became the West Coast editor of Elle Girl. Which brings us back to 2006 and the inception of Who What Wear.

Power and Kerr turned their friendship into a business partnership as well when they decided to start Who What Wear together. It began as an email newsletter with one story a day, believe it or not. Power’s entrepreneurial side combined with Kerr’s writing skills proved to be the perfect formula at a time when fashion-based websites were few and far between.

Today, our U.S. and UK sites reach 16 million people monthly (and counting!) and are responsible for over $100 million of dollars in retail sales through our clothing and accessories line with Target and new skincare line, Versed (which you can shop below). In addition, Power and Kerr have penned three books together.

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