Second Life Podcast: Parachute Founder Ariel Kaye

If you’ve shopped for sheets at any point over the past 6 year, you’re probably familiar with Parachute. If not, it’s the direct-to-consumer bedding and bath essentials company that now also makes mattresses and a few select furniture pieces. But it was its wildly soft, high-quality sheets at an accessible price point that really started the brand’s cult following. And the woman behind it all is Ariel Kaye. 

Parachute founder and CEO Kaye created the company in 2013, after seeing the need in the marketplace for bedding that rivaled the quality of European-made luxury brands for a fraction of the price. But that isn’t where her career began.

Kate got a job at a PR agency right out of college and before getting a masters at NYU. After that came a job in digital advertising, before Kaye was “bit by the startup bug” in 2012. She took a thoughtful, practical approach to creating Parachute, saying “Initially, it was always about being home brand but I felt in order to be successful I need to start small, I needed to test, I needed to figure out if there was product-market fit. And so, I figured that the best way to connect with people was in the bedroom.” Fast forward to today and Parachute is a multi-million dollar company that’s literally a household name. 

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