Second Life Podcast: Kat Von D

When thinking of Kat Von D, one word comes to mind: iconic. A tattoo artist, beauty mogul, and designer Von D has built an authentic creative empire. Beginning her career in the tattoo industry at just 14 in Los Angeles, Von D landed on TLC’s reality shows Miami Ink and LA Ink, eventually opening up her own shop in 2007, High Voltage Tattoo in West Hollywood, where she’s tattooed a myriad of celebrities, musicians, and artists. As one of the most renowned tattoo artists of our time, Kat transitioned her artistry into launching her cruelty-free and later 100% vegan makeup line, KVD Vegan Beauty, ultimately defying all expectations. After 12 years, Von D announced that she sold her shares of the top-selling brand that she did indeed, build from the ground up. However, Von D’s ever-evolving artistic career journey does not stop there.

Von D has refocused her energy toward her lasting passion for animals, humanity, and the environment, which inspired her to formulate 100% vegan products. In November of 2019, Von D Shoes launched as a luxury vegan shoe line that offers high-quality, cruelty-free shoes. It’s no secret that Von D is a creative powerhouse who not only inspires others through her work but is constantly being inspired to create.

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