Second Life Podcast: Erin and Sara Foster Interview

Erin and Sara Foster are nothing if not honest. In the newest episode of Second Life, the sisters get real about feeling in over their heads, pursuing careers that paid the bills but weren’t fulfilling, and regretting not going to college. Whether you know the Fosters from their parody-reality show on VH1, Barely Famous, or from their current positions as the heads of creative at Bumble, you’ll learn about a whole new side to the sisters.

Sara originally delved into the modeling world at just 16 years old but quickly realized she needed to make a pivot. “I was in such a hurry,” she says. “My biggest regret is not going to college. Straight from high school, I was working and making money, and it was great, but it didn’t feel authentic really to me. I wasn’t a good model. It didn’t make me happy, but it paid the bills.” As for Erin, she initially pursued acting but kept hitting roadblock after roadblock. However, she found much more success with writing. Most recently, she executive-produced, wrote, and starred in a pilot for Fox called Daddy Issues.

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