Second Life Podcast: Danielle Bernstein

Danielle Bernstein, the influencer behind the popular fashion blog We Wore What, is the epitome of the current influencer-turned-entrepreneur era. Initially a mere hobby when she was a sophomore in college at FIT, Bernstein’s street style blog became a burgeoning business when she flipped the camera and decided to feature her personal style. She quickly caught the eye of fashion girls around the world, and with over 2.3 million followers on Instagram, Bernstein has established herself as an influential voice in the fashion/blogger community. Bernstein has not only launched her own brand, which began as Second Skin Overalls and has now transitioned into Shop We Wore What, but has also had a slew of successful collaborations, specifically one with Onia Swim, which reportedly sold $3 million in product on the first day alone. Recently, Bernstein added another successful line to her repertoire: Danielle Bernstein, which is an affordable, size-inclusive line which has launched at Macy’s. Renowned for selling out almost immediately the day of drop, Bernstein’s collections are a true testament to the loyalty of the following she has built through her brand. 

However, it doesn’t even stop there. Expanding her career beyond blogging, designing, and even fashion, Bernstein has entered the world of tech, advising, and publishing. She just launched MOE Assist, an organizational tool for influencers and modern entrepreneurs to manage contracts and the minutiae of running a company; advises on the CBD brand Highline Wellness; and has a book coming out this spring. Bernstein has paved her way through the industry, defying all odds, all while remaining candid and transparent with her ever-growing following.

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