Second Life Podcast: An Interview With Karlie Kloss

That Kloss had any semblance of normalcy in high school is quite remarkable. In fact, it was in the years following that something felt off for her. At the height of Kloss’s career, she was traveling the world, gracing the cover of countless magazines, and walking in hundreds of runway shows, but she got into her early twenties and something wasn’t right.

“I felt this feeling in my gut of like, I know there’s more to who I am and what I’m capable of, and I’m not feeding a part of my soul and my mind in the way that I know I want to and need to,” Kloss recalls. “At the time, when I’m in this fast-paced, crazy career, the idea of pressing pause in any way is counterintuitive, but I could feel it. And when you have those intuitions—in my experience—and ignore them, they only get louder.”

So at the time when all her high school friends were graduating from college, she began learning computer programing from Avi Flombaum, the founder of the Flatiron School. It opened up an entire world to her, one that showed her how creative and expansive coding is for people who know how to do it. Understanding the power and opportunity it affords people got her thinking about who gets to learn to code.