Samara Weaving Is Taking Hollywood by Storm

Obviously, we are a fashion publication. You know we have to talk about style. What’s your relationship with fashion like?

In terms of styling, I’ve been working with Petra Flannery, who styles me for events. Though of course, I haven’t done anything with her since COVID-19. I’m an ambassador with Louis Vuitton, which is incredible. That was a lucky thing to happen. Petra was sitting with Nicholas [Ghesquière] watching the SAG Awards or Oscars, I can’t remember, and I was on-screen for Three Billboards at the time, and Nicholas was like, “Who’s that?” If Petra hadn’t been there, that would’ve been the end of it, but she goes, “Oh, that’s Samara. I dressed her for it,” and was like, “Oh, I want her to be a Louis Vuitton lady.” It was a very lucky series of events.

How would you define your personal style? Do you have any favorite brands, apart from Louis Vuitton, of course?

I’ve realized the power of fashion quite recently. It can change how I feel. If I’m maybe nervous about meeting someone or apprehensive, if I wear something I feel confident in, it changes my whole physicality, which ties back into acting. Wardrobe departments are so integrated into how characters come alive. I love a lot of Australian brands. For instance, Lucy Folk. Its jewelry is amazing. And Hansel and Gretel. There was a bikini I wore in the shoot I did with you guys, actually all of the clothing I wore in that shoot—I want to know all of those brands. Everything was stunning. 

I can’t agree more! Did any particular look stand out in your mind?

The bikini look was definitely cool, and we also incorporated a prank that’s been going around my friend circle, where we’ve been leaving this enormous stuffed bear on each other’s lawns and in each other’s houses to scare the absolute crap out of each other. It’s so funny, but yeah, friends of mine—I can’t believe our alarms didn’t go off—they jumped over our fence and put this huge stuffed bear right outside our bedroom window, and we woke up and absolutely shat the bed. It was so terrifying, so we’re plotting to get them back. 


Photographer: Justin Wilczynski
Stylist: Lauren Eggertsen
Hairstylist: Clariss Rubenstein
Makeup Artist: Allan Avendaño