Sam Bee Explains Why Trump Is Best Reason To Take Financial Crimes More Seriously

Samantha Bee took aim at President Donald Trump as she examined why “white collar prosecutions are at a 20-year low” on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Full Frontal.”

“Rich people often face no accountability for their crimes,” said Bee. “We all ignore financial crime because it’s dull.” Bee noted how America is “so apathetic” about financial crime “that we couldn’t even get any meaningful indictments” from the Great Recession of 2008.

She later suggested why Trump was “the best example of why we need to take this shit more seriously.”:

“If prosecutors went after rich people the way they go after everyone else, this hateful vortex of hot tub gonorrhea never would have made it near the White House.”

Bee listed some of the laws that Trump has been accused of breaking over the decades. She then urged viewers to compare the way prosecutors have treated him — “a sleazy conman who’s been specializing in rich-man crime since the disco era” — with “the way they treat people in non-white collar cases, like the 2,000 people serving life sentences for non-violent drug crimes.”

Check out the full clip here:

And watch Bee’s segment on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election here: