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Finally tonight, a medical cle. Parents withhere to turn and a doctor with a bold plan. A little girl’s life saved by love, technology, and a lot of hope. Little Sadie Rutenberg is only 3 years old. And for her family, living proof medical miracles real. Here was so many days we just didn’t know if she would makethugh that D. I cried every day just hoping that something would happen. Reporter: For the first year of her life, Sadie lived hooked up to a machine that helped breathe. Sas tiny heart started failing her at just two hs N you look at your child and they are cg or mfortable, and all you want to do is pick themand put themur chest and just pat their back and them it’s G to be okay. It’s tough. Reporter: Herroblems, too complicated for minor suy. Her botoo weak for a heart transpla thpain, felt by ever. You don’t realiow great you have it when you have a health. Reporter: Then a doctor at Seattle children’s hos wanto try something different. A miniature mechanical heart valve, around the size of a dime, and at the time not yet a approved We didn’t have another Choi it was this or start planning for her death. Reporter: So family wen all-in. This is Sadie getting wheeled into sry at just E months O Havinisalve around is revolutionar the sense T it opens ue opportunfor us to operate much sooner. There you are! Reportehe surgery, a success. Two years later, the family say this enough. I love you. I love you. Oh, thank you. We thank Sadie and H family for sharing that Y. We thank you forching.I’m Tom llamas in new york.”gma” first thing in the morning. David muill be right back here tomorrow night. Have area evening.

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