Rudy Giuliani’s Trump strategy proves he’s a ‘ legal genius’, comedian says

Rudy Giuliani‘s confusing press tour could be part of a “genius” legal strategy to protect President Donald Trump, according to “The Daily Show” comedian Michael Kosta.

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“Here’s how I know Rudy is a genius,” Kosta said in a “The Daily Show” skit Monday. “Before he showed up, the facts seemed obvious. Donald Trump paid hush money to a porn star three weeks before the election — open and shut case.

“Now, thanks to Rudy, we know the president didn’t pay Michael Cohen to pay Daniels — except he did, but from a general legal fund which didn’t exist unless it does,” the stand up comedian joked.

Giuliani caused a bit of confusion last week when he claimed in a Fox News interview that Trump reimbursed his personal attorney, Cohen, for a so-called hush payment made to porn star Stormy Daniels days before the 2016 presidential election.

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Rudy Giuliani appears on “This Week.”

The comments appeared to contradict Trump’s earlier comments, but Kosta said that’s exactly why Giuliani’s plan is genius.

“Either way, the president didn’t know about it other than the parts he knew — which was nothing,” he said. “No one knows what’s going on, which means reasonable doubt, so case dismissed.”