Rocky Barnes Tests Out Activewear From Target

The list of items we buy at Target ranges from the necessary (low-cut socks) to the completely random but also arguably necessary (we’re looking at you, M&M Cookies & Screeem). And if you’re one of us, you definitely can’t leave the store without a peek at the latest from JoyLab. Disclaimer: we co-designed the collection with Target, so we’ll admit our excitement for the fresh fall prints and sweat-wicking leggings that just launched might be a bit biased.

Just in case, we asked the active and supremely stylish Rocky Barnes to weigh in on the new collection. She put together her favorite looks before testing them out during her weekly exercise routine, which includes lots of yoga and cardio workouts. Want to see how JoyLab stood up to the test? Below, you’ll find Barnes’s favorite workouts, four super-chic activewear outfit ideas, and maybe even a nudge to sign up for that extra yoga class this week (just saying).