Rick Klein: ‘The battle for the House is taking place in the suburbs and the exurbs’ Video

Transcript for Rick Klein: ‘The battle for the House is taking place in the suburbs and the exurbs’

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You will be the star ne imo yeerty in the harbor waing for you to come by in Bo. 72 in central park. 66hudity, and winds are . S on rise. Lookinarea, knot and — north and el barwest of th city. Temperates low 70s, and these spup ey started in the 50s D 60s,a warmup unrway lady, looking col Connecticut, Norwalk, and bridport, mi70s. We wilcoo climb the 0 ternoon. Yesterday’s high, 85, and today,e to est?? enseasonably warm n,a ya,ite because E dirty is one of the and E humid, ser pattn we last week, taking a bre en return tuesy it will not lastlong. Enjoy the rain-free the localized pourcould reduce the sks offlooding. What is happening, it’s really easy to spot on the and look at the flow of re up the east, and then you have therth winds,and it’s cutting off the to E south of the state, and that will give us todry day, and tomorrow, dry, but the paerll reset itself, and we will recoming in the high wilsh back to the west, and that will M the ofthe moisture . Ay, back wh thrisk of showeand rain here the recast, coirming all of this for us. The clouds ey filtering sunshine, and they are N d?? not thick. Tuesternoon, or afternoon, mostly cloudy. Monday night, showers ping back. Tuesday, wet start to the D may ebreaks midday, and then back tothreatof map showers or thunderss for the afternn,and northwest winds if you’re doing any beaching or boating, and 3- waves expected. Water 77 at the warm 84 R the high for the E afternoon tonight, 68, — windows open for the a high of 84, thendity back Tuesday, and really stretchingoughout the workweek, into early next weekend,nd there’s the threat showers. Temperatures do war on Thursday, the fit venda tanas deof August, we expect the temperatures to sort of climb, and we nohad 90s the last fe Ekas far as 30-day averages go,we have hot weather in August. Thankou. There we as hot as the almost. Not quite. R time. Even iu ly paid this much atten to the newsthis week, you calped fo whaborablis the most dramatic, fin deseman profile breakup in the country righour president and his lawyer, Michael chon ittten very, verydramatic ose usedbe I would take si. Bullet thingsare unraveling. I need a good breakup song. Breaking up to do. Are never together. Iuld be Haer Going to the ’90s for a classic breakup song. I will giand then group. You will get it. That’s my guess. N I can’t this could be the end. It oks ouyou’re lettgo, real, well, I don’want hmmm A G by the namof no doubt. Jeher Howdo I know this? Huhiassic breakup song. Ihad Good-bye! No Later gator. Everyone at home going crazy. What is it again? Don’t speak. I we never guessed that. Rere hard. Rot. — Breakupar roll it. Brate the St, present, and future of Harlem harlemeek honorshe diversity of the community wit festivalts cr, music, a more. Enjoy the rof Jonathan wilsit outdoor cot at linco center. Needed. Why not become your best lf today? Learn how to care for your mind, body, and spirith all natural and spiritual at the awaken wellness fair in nhattan. E an beats with a live dj and show off the second inational iov braids days a celebrion honoring the hair style and the many variaons found cultures throughout the world. Ifou’re on LG , O sand village glean to listen to great music for free at summer N For more information or to event, send O us on abc7ny.m. Double up on your favorites this summer

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