Reviewed: What To Buy From Victoria Beckham’s Makeup Line

Is it just us, or do you also ask yourself What Would Victoria Beckham do at the onset of any life debacle? (Or, at least, any fashion or beauty debacle.) It’s no secret we’re pretty damn smitten with Posh, and we take rabid note of every move she makes within the style, makeup, and skincare realm. Thus, you can only imagine our squeals of glee when we heard through the grapevine earlier this year that VB was plotting and creating her very own beauty line—complete with shadows, liners, and sparkling, real crystal-studded lid lusters. Thrilled is the word we’re looking for here.

Then, to add to the fervor of Victoria Beckham Beauty’s initial drop, just a few weeks ago the brand launched two additional formulas to her highly-coveted product roster—a deliciously creamy lip pencil and a whipped, feather-light lip tint called Bisou that’s basically you’re everyday antidote to the question; what should I wear on my lips today? In addition to launching truly amazing makeup products formulaically, said products are also gorgeously packaged—seriously, so elegant and luxurious. And, wait for it, they’re cleanly formulated, sustainably made and packaged, created by women, and cruelty-free.

Thus, I took it upon myself to try every single product and hue to see if they could live up to my *very* high expectations. Below, I’m highlighting each of the five products and ranking them by which I think you should splurge on first. Keep scrolling!