Reviewed: Versed’s Acne Product Collection

I recently found myself asking a skin question that hadn’t crossed my mind in a long time: Why am I breaking out? Aside from a treacherous battle with cystic acne that came and went in my mid-twenties, my pimple situation over the last few years has been minimal. Of course, one-off zits arrive here and there (that’s life!), but rarely do I experience full-blown breakouts. So, about four weeks ago, when I noticed one pustule, then two, then three, then four pop up on my skin out of nowhere, I knew something was up.

I can typically trace any blemish back to a particularly stressful week, overdoing it on sugary snacks, or neglecting my water intake, but since none of those shortcomings we at play this time, I was stumped. It wasn’t until I was chatting with my mom about our updated hair care routines that I started to connect the dots. You see, at the start of quarantine, I’d vowed to learn how to better care for my natural hair texture and had begun incorporating a lot more oils and heavy creams into my hair styling regimen. It made total sense that these new products could have something to do with the breakout since the pimples I saw cropping up were all on my forehead (not an area I typically break out in) and the bulk of the hairstyles I’d recently mastered saw my coils cascading down toward my brows much more often than before.