Revealed: April Gargiulo Shares Her Beauty Routine

With that commitment to high-standard quality in mind, we haven’t been able to calm our curiosity as to what the rest of Gargiulo’s beauty routine looks like. Sure, we know her basic skincare routine is comprised of a cleanser followed by her brand’s the Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum, but what about her hair? What about her makeup? What about her signature scent?

Considering her self-professed love for “old-world luxury,” we had a hunch Gargiulo’s beauty routine would be covetable and gorgeous, while still following the simple aesthetic Vintner’s Daughter is known for. And after asking Gargiulo to reveal her favorite go-to products, our hypothesis has proven correct.

For someone in the beauty world, I’m very uncomplicated in my approach to a daily beauty ritual,” she reveals. “I don’t have time for a 10-step routine, so although it may be simple, I don’t compromise results in any way. I expect a lot from everything I use. That same philosophy is at the heart of Vintner’s Daughter. We only create products that add incredible value to our customers’ lives through uncompromising quality, unparalleled performance, and complete safety.”

From a unique Japanese perfume balm to nightly rituals involving microcurrents and light therapy, we got the full scoop from Gargiulo herself in her own words. Curious? Keep scrolling for her complete beauty protocol.