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there, senator Lindsey graham, for one, saying the senate shou vote even wit hearing from D blasey Ford on Monday ny senators who decin Kavanaugh are up for’s maryce back on the hill tonight, are those sors listening to their constituent both sideback home? Reporter: Fthe momentrepublican Susan Collins rived back washingtthen under increasing pressure. Dyou believthe accuser? I don’t kno same republic are turning christinesey Rd. There’s aeek, more an a week, betweenhen she mad the allegaon a the date the Aring, whi was sad for next Monday. Just don’t understand why the hearing shouldn’t go forth. Reporteollins not en told should testy in private. She can reject allse options, over T head of a nominee who has emphatically denied them. And that jgood way for us to end. Reporter: Senator Jeff flake, he key republic, tweeting, N implore Rd to ACC the invitatio for Monday. The committee should hear her voice.”tonight, T mge from go leads to Ford, “Show up or wing for a vote.” She said she wanted to appear. Bu she Chang her mind D refuses to appear, there’s not we can do enough to accommodate Ford. The latest being a letter frhairman to the demos, sayinge have done everythi toontact her. That is such , Ian hard stand it All right, Mary Bruce withtonigh on T hi. And Mary, Democrats W T call otr witnessay, in including another student who th a says was in the room. Reporter: Yeah, David, wanto Cal witnesses like mark judge. Fords he where in the room when this alleged alt took ac but judge says he has memory of this, saying, “I neveraw Brett act in the manner. F describes.” And David, judge haseclr, has no interest in testifying under oath. Aght, Mary Bruce U on the hill tonight. ,Nk you, ofther ws tonight there S a terrible today inmiddleton,a wrn his cubicle at his de sde opening fire. ABC’s Perez is

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