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Transcript for Rep. Aguilar speaks out on border deal reached despite Trump’s disapproval

Art we’re joined now by one of the negotiators on the conference committee who helped broker the compromise. Just in the nick of time overnight peak enable our congressman Democrat of California great to see you sir thanks for joining us here in the briefing room. Want to get your take on this you’ve been an advocate for what you were calling it evidence based. Border security bill compromise does this meet that standard for you when are you ready to sign onto it. Thanks. For having me Devin this is something there that I can support. And let me tell you why this isn’t what the bill that we would draw but right now we’re five months into this fiscal year. We have the potential for a government shutdown on Friday. We need to make sure that we keep government open. Democrats know that Democrats that was what we were moving forward. Throughout these discussions was how do we avert a shutdown we will start writing the next fiscal year’s bill shortly. But in the meantime we need to make sure that we finish this. And that means that we had to work with Republicans to produce a bipartisan bicameral bill. That’s exactly what this does it reflects our values and it’s something that I’ll be asking my colleagues to support. There’s so many Democrats speaker Pelosi top among them had been advocating congressman from no wall no barrier. Absolutely not zero and get this would seem to provide. 65 new miles of construction have some sort of a steel barrier in Europe comparable with that. Well let’s be clear the president campaigned on Mexico paying for at sea to shining sea wall in this is not that. Border Patrol and and the border security have have shown us other priorities. This is one segment in one area of their priorities that we feel is reasonable to move forward. Bob Bennett has to be done in a way that isn’t as it is in this wall that the president campaigned on. So we are being Smart on this we’re investing in technology and making sure that we’re focused on the country’s best interest and protecting our borders. There’s been a lot of conversation in the past 24 hours some of it prompted by the president congressmen. About democrats’ demands to cap some of those detention beds. For immigrants and migrants coming across help us understand that bring us inside the room why. Were Democrats asking for any limits on the number of beds that ice and CBP could could could fund basically. Sure I’m not gonna get into today the play by play of the discussions but I will tell you you know from the beginning Democrats have said. And these detention beds are incredibly difficult and where there is need. Obviously for violent offenders and to defend and individuals are going to be deported he we have no objection to that we want to keep our country safe. But time and time again what we have seen is high east use the budgeted stories that that congress is not yeah. So this is about protecting our ability is appropriators and as members of congress as a coequal branch of government. To make sure that these agencies are living within the budgets that we give them some time and time again ice has been moving and shifting in reprogramming funds. In order to increased headcount and when they have capacity in those beds. Happens is they come and in my community and other communities. And they do. Interior deportation raids. And they scoop up individuals is they have done in my district who are US citizens. Or who were individuals who have no violent offenses. It all and that is problematic so what we have been clear from day one. Is that we want to make sure that ice honors the average daily population what we’ve been calling EDP count. To its historic to limit damage to make sure they are living within their means. It. And that they are only spending the funds that we designate that as our role that is what the constitution says. And so that’s been our focus. And when and congressman what is your gut tell you now about what the president will do here obviously it’s a question for the White House whether. President trample sign onto this but. Having top terror is some of your fellow Republicans heard from representatives of the of the White House do you think that all those federal workers some in your district around the country can. Truly breathe breathe a sigh of relief here in that a shutdown won’t happen on Saturday morning. Well they they should be relieved because right now we have Democrats and Republicans in the house and senate who have come to an agreement. Who are saying any unified way. That we want it we’ll do anything we can to avoid a shutdown. And so if the president chooses to go down that route again. Then then that’s on him our job keep in mind is not to make sure the president has a victory. Our job is to make sure the government is funded. And so that’s what we’ve been focused on that’s exactly what this deal does I’m proud to have been a part of it and I’m appreciative of Amare leadership for allowing me to want to play a role. And finally served row before we let you go oh want to ask you about what went what you think would happen or should happen if the president. Where to sign the deal take the deal but then also do some executive action to re appropriate rear portion reprogram. Some of the funds that congress has allocated. In a certain way to help border security one of the things we talked about the White House we know. He’s taking some disaster relief money from California Puerto Rico. Shifting it to build in the wall what what the reaction be from a Ewing your colleagues at the president undertakes that. The reaction should be swift and it should be bipartisan rebuke of what the administration is contemplating. Every Republican an should be upset. If they starts taking disaster money and money that is program for our districts and shifting it to something that day that congress hasn’t authorized. That is executive overreach. I just I can’t imagine what Republicans on congressional house side would do if President Obama has. Head pro had done this palace armory doors do you. Have they are you able there is our house Democrats and on the soon soon the president over them. More look at every available really every available remedy that we have including an up to the courts obviously. Who have been in the meantime. Every time these these proposals are flowed in we should be having members of the administration come up. To us is appropriators in the say exactly what they plan to do. We need to have oversight and transparency I know congressional Republicans haven’t provided that over the past few years and that’s unfortunate. By about the American people have spoken and we’re gonna we’re gonna provide that transparency and oversight that has been much needed to this administration. Congressman Pete Ed Olaf California Democrat member of the negotiating committee that brought us a deal overnight on border security funny and we hope it gets passed term we don’t have a shutdown sir thanks very much for your time. And for joining us the briefing room. They stake.

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