Renee Zellweger Had Funniest Reaction When She Met Her Crush, Jimmy Carter

“And it’s not just the baby blues,” Zellweger told host Stephen Colbert (see the interview below), noting that the 39th president, now 94, is handsome, a poet, a great scholar and is of great character. “What’s not to like?”

So, when Zellweger was filming in New York and got the chance to have Carter sign a collection of his poems, she jumped at it. Only she didn’t expect to wait in line 4 1/2 hours.

As the moment approached, Zellweger imagined what she would say to the man who has inspired her “to a different level of thoughtfulness.”

But when she arrived at the book-signing table, the encounter took a different turn. Let’s just say Carter had her at hello.

We’ll let Zellweger take it from there: